Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday, august 23

Econ - We finished Section 1 of Chapter 1 on Scarcity and the PPF. There was a handout today involving graphing PPF curves and answering questions. This is due tomorrow, and students who were absent may pick up additional copies of the assignment in the classroom.

 AP Econ - We are covering Chapter 1. Books are now available in the textbook center. Please pick up your textbook as soon as possible. Definitions of Key Terms and Concepts are due on Monday, August 29. There will also be additional questions from the chapter assigned tomorrow.

PARENTS - Senior year can be particularly stressful for your kids. The classes and time requirements may be a bit easier for them, but the pressure of getting their SATs, College Applications, Scholarship Applications, etc. in on time can be pretty tough because kids won't be monitored or paced by their peers and teachers. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, contact me or have your son or daughter come and see me. I just got my own son out of here and into UC Berkeley, so I know a few things about what kids need to do.

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