Wednesday, September 14, 2011

september 14, 2011

Econ -  Read Chapter 3, Section 2: Profit and Loss in the Free Enterprise System. Read pages 62 - 65 and answer questions 1 - 5, page 65.

AP Econ - We are now into individual and aggregate markets: Demand and Supply (Chapter 3). Today, students received handouts to complete as practice in class, dealing with The Law of Demand, Individual and Market Demand Schedules and Curves, Changes in Demand, and Changes in Quantity Demanded.

This assignment is only for students to self-check their understanding and complete on their own. It will not be collected as a graded assignment. Students who are having difficulty understanding these concepts are encouraged to come in for lunchtime study sessions. This is an Advance Placement Course, and the pace will be challenging as we continue to move forward into more and more complex concepts.
  • Page 63, questions 1, 2, and 3 -- Due Wednesday, September 14
  • Read Chapter 3 (pages 45 - 61) by Friday, September 16
  • Key Terms and Concepts on page 62. This is due Friday, September 16
  • Page 63, questions 5 and 6 -- Due Thursday, September 15

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