Tuesday, October 18, 2011

october 18, 2011

Econ -  Students took a practice test for Chapter 6 today. The test for Chapter 6 will be on Wednesday, October 19. We will have a 6-chapter review activity on Thursday, and the 10-week Benchmark Exam will be given on Friday.

The Benchmark Exam is a no-harm test to measure student achievement. Students scoring above 70% will receive additional grade points on their quarter report cards. Students who miss the test for any reason will not be given make-up exams, since the test is not required for the overall grade.

AP Econ -  Students are to read Chapter 6, which deals with National Income and Domestic Output (GDP)  (pages 106 - 121).

Due Today, October 18, Students are to define all Key Terms and Concepts (page 121) and answer questions 3, 11, and 12, pages 122 - 123.

Thursday, there will be a test on Chapter 6.

We begin Chapter 7 on Friday.

Reminder: Wednesday, October 19 is a Late-Start Wednesday.

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