Thursday, January 19, 2012

january 19, 2012

US History - Today we had an in-class US Geography game for participation points. Students who were absent will be excused from this activity.

This week, we are reading Section 1 of Chapter 10 (pages 324 - 300), Dictators and War.

Students were assigned the following two "Quick Questions" to write answers to (due Friday, January 20):

1. List the names of the leaders (at the start of WW2) of the following: Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, and the U.S.
2. Who were the Axis and Allied Powers at the Start of WW2?

Econ - Today, we covered the topic "What is Economics" from Chapter 1, Section 1.

Students were assigned the reading (pages 6 - 12), and also required to answer questions 1 - 6 on page 12.

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