Monday, February 20, 2012

february 21, 2012

Sorry about my absence today. I will be back tomorrow.

US History - 

Today's assignment was:

} Students are going to work on Chapter 12, which deals with The Cold War. Today, they are to read Section 1 of Chapter 12 (pages 398 – 404).

} As they read, students are to create and complete the “Note Taking” chart at the bottom left-hand corner on page 398. Also, they must read the “Comparing Viewpoints” section at the bottom of page 399 and answer the two questions in that section.

Econ - The students are beginning Chapter 4 today, which deals with Demand.

} Their assignment is to read section 1 (pages 90 – 94) and answer questions 1 – 7, page 94.

} All assignments in all classes today are due by the end of class today.

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