Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome Back -- Course Orientations

Welcome back, Cowboys. Please carefully read the following information regarding the course policies for Mr. Smith's classes. If you have any questions, you may add a comment below, or email the teacher at

1. Economics and AP Economics:

College-Prep and Advance Placement Economic satisfy the California State Standards in Education for grade 12. Both courses emphasize the mastery of the principles essential for understanding the relevant economizing problems, as well as issues of concern and policies for addressing instability. We stress the understanding and application of the Economic Perspective. Most importantly, it is our goal to promote a lasting interest in economics and the economy, and to utilize this knowledge in making well-informed decisions for the future.

The overriding goal of our Advance Placement courses is to prepare students for success in passing the Advance Placement Exam, which will be administered in May 2014. Because this course is one semester, students taking the test should retain their textbooks during the second semester so they may study. Mr. Smith will schedule review sessions for the AP Exam beginning in April.

The course textbooks are:

Economics: Economics: New Ways of Thinking

AP Economics: Economics

Because these courses are dependent on active, close reading, students will be required to bring their textbooks to class every day without exception. Do not leave your textbook in the classroom. The textbooks are the financial responsibility of each student.

2. SDAIE Mod Civ (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English--World History):

SDAIE Mod Civ satisfies the California State Standards in Education for our grade 10 English learning population. The course traces the origins of Western Democratic traditions and examines how they have shaped the history of the modern world.

The course textbook is: World History

Students should note that it is important to have a textbook at home, and there are a limited number of textbooks available for use in the classroom.

Grading Policies:

AP Economics -- Homework and classwork: 40%, Tests and Quizzes: 60%

Economics and SDAIE Mod Civ: Homework and Classwork: 30%, Tests: 50%, Projects: 10%, Final Exam: 10%

Grade Scale (all classes):

A - 90%
B - 80%
C - 70%
D - 60%
Below 60% = F

Homework and Make-Up Work (all classes): All assignments must be submitted on time. Students who are absent ARE RESPONSIBLE for following through on any missed assignments.


Students hand their work into the in-basket located at the front of the classroom.

Contacting the teacher: I am in the classroom every day from periods 1 - 5. The best way to contact me outside school hours is via email, which is listed above.

Textbook Policy: Students are reminded that their textbook is their financial responsibility. Since we do not have class sets (with the exception of SDAIE Mod Civ), it is VERY important that students make it their responsibility to bring their book with them every day they attend this class.

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