Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Room A5 Course Requirements

Phones and Technology: Keep them out of sight, out of the classroom. This will be the only official warning. Phones and other electronic devices that are out in plain sight will be taken away for the duration of the class.

Make-Up Work and Tests: Work that is not handed in on time will lose half credit. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, they will not be penalized provided they turn the work in upon their return. If a student is absent on the day of an exam or quiz, they will receive a ZERO on that test until it is made up. Make up tests are given at lunch only, or by special arrangement with the teacher.

Students can find out what assignments they are missing when absent or away by accessing THIS website. It is the student's responsibility to CHECK to see what they have not handed in.

Grading and Extra Credit: There is no extra credit offered in these courses. Don't fall behind by failing to hand in completed assignments.

Grading is calculated on the following:

  • Tests and Quizzes: 40%
  • Homework/Classwork: 40%
  • Projects: 15%
  • Final Exam: 5%

The grade scale is:

  • Above 90% - A
  • 80 - 89% - B
  • 70 - 79% - C
  • 60 - 69% - D
  • Below 60% - F
Tests: Students are required to read, write, and study the essential concepts of American History. Note taking skills are fundamentally important. Students will be allowed to use their own notes on most tests. Students will be told which--if any--tests are excluded from that allowance.

Contacting the Teacher: Email address is

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